We appreciate your dedication to excellent service provided to our facility Monday-Friday. Your crew has been doing a wonderful job and we are happy with their work. Your crew exceeds my expectations and I congratulate A+ Cleaning for their commitment to outstanding service. I would recommend your company to any business looking to get professional cleaning services.


This letter is to thank you for the professional cleaning services you provide. Your team did a wonderful job cleaning our construction trailers and we are so happy with the outcome of your work. We are glad that we selected A+ Cleaning to do the job! Your team paid special attention to detail and I would recommend their work to anyone looking for a professional cleaning company. I commend your company for their work, and look forward to a continued partnership. You have exceeded my expectations, and I congratulate A+ Cleaning for their commitment to service excellence.


We appreciate your dedication to good service provided to our facility 7 days a week. Your crew has been doing a fine job and we are very happy with their work. Your crew meets my expectations and I congratulate A+ Cleaning for their commitment to outstanding service. I would recommend your company to any business looking to hire an outside cleaning service.


A+ Cleaning started in our building with only one customer suite in early 2010. Today they are responsible for the entire building, which we believe is the best testament to their ability to consistently meet our high standards. Having managed millions of square feet of class-A commercial property, we understand there will always be problems when housekeeping is held to a high standard. One of A+ Cleaning’s strengths is their ability to keep problems to an absolute minimum and act quickly to resolve any problems that do come up. In our experience, A+ Cleaning is always determined to meet or exceed our high expectations. At this point, we are enjoying an almost “worry-free” relationship, one that is producing for us the high standard of cleaning services we expect in our building.


I would be glad to act as a phone reference for your company. A+ Cleaning did a wonderful job and I certainly don’t mind confirming their outstanding service. If you’re thinking about hiring A+ to clean your office building, ask them for my testimonial and call anytime.


We have entrusted A+ Cleaning to clean our offices for the past two years. Their professionalism and quality of work has been unmatched in this area. We have watched as A+ Cleaning has grown over the years without losing their attention to detail or their hands on approach. I highly recommend A+ Cleaning to anyone interested in quality commercial cleaning.


We strongly feel that the cleanliness in our office has a strong effect on our productivity, and we can thank A+ Cleaning for helping to make our business so successful. They routinely clean our offices, and set us up on floor maintenance schedule that keeps our tile shining like new all year round. I have recommended A+ Cleaning to all my friends for their commercial, office and industrial cleaning needs. This company is amazing.


When I began doing research for commercial cleaning services for my business, A+ Cleaning consistently came up. I was impressed at how personable they were over the phone, and because they had time available that afternoon to rush over and give me an estimate. I was surprised that they were able to get me on their schedule in just a matter of days. Their customer service is phenomenal.


I was initially hesitant to call A+ Cleaning because I knew that my office space was so much smaller than many of the other businesses that they cleaned in the area, but I realized that I was spending so much time cleaning that I could have spent working. I called, and I wish I would have had called sooner. They were able to set me up on a routine cleaning schedule that met my needs and my budget. Now I can focus on my job, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.


Satisfaction! That’s what you’ll get when you hire A+ to clean your business. We’ve been utilizing their services for years, and we’ve been nothing but satisfied. They have always provided excellent customer service anytime we’ve had an issue it has been promptly addressed. They are thorough and efficient, and they clean to high standards. Thank you A+ Cleaning for the wonderful job you do.


This letter is to recognize the excellence in professionalism, competence and cooperation extended to National Building Contractors by A+ Cleaning and their team throughout the cleaning of the 100,010 sq ft Forever 21 Mall St. Mathews, KY project. The aggressive schedule and demands of quality and changes during construction did not deter A+ Cleaning from ever being available to address issues and concerns and offer considerable assistance and coordination. This was done with the utmost best value in pricing and unfailing eager enthusiasm to both meet this schedule as well as enable both NBC and other sub-contractors to do their best as well. During the many years of retail and commercial construction that NBC has done, I have rarely seen a sub-contractor, such as A+ Cleaning and Project Managers that have not just been able to handle problems as they arise but proactively plan and facilitate the project to a degree that problems are foreseen and circumvented. In doing so A+ Cleaning was able to help NBC ensure the safe quality and timely successful completion of the Forever 21 at Mall St. Mathews, KY.