Yes, It is our goal to keep the same familiar & trusted faces around.  It is our philosophy not to allow anyone into your facility that we would not allow into our own facility.

  • Each applicant is sent through an extensive interviewing process.
  • A thorough national background check is done.
  • Interviews with former employers and references.
  • Drug testing mandatory.

Yes, each employee must complete a formal training course on:

  • The Right-to-Know
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Proper conduct for a custodian.
  • Proper dress for a custodian.
  • Proper use of equipment, material and products, both company and customer.

Yes, once an agreement has been made, a certificate-of-insurance will be issued with General Liability and Workers Compensation limits enclosed.

Yes, we have a quality control department whose entire focus is to be pro-active not reactive, so we can stop potential problems before they occur.

Through trade organizations, two in particular BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Associations International) and BOMA (Building Owner and Manager Associations).  With BSCAI we stay informed of industry changes and market trends.  Along with BOMA, we stay in tune with challenges and daily expectations of our customers.

Yes, we’re in touch with environmental concerns and prepared to present green friendly solutions.

Normally within 1-3 business days, for more information call 502-365-1439.